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Deck Construction

Unbeatable Wooden Deck Construction

A wooden deck in your backyard can add a whole new dimension to your home that will both enhance its value and leave you and your loved ones with ample opportunities to enjoy food, drinks and all the fresh air in the world no matter what time of year it is. At Advanced Coast Construction LLC, our passion for all things carpentry is perhaps best exemplified by the detailed approach we take to decking. It is for that reason that when you choose us for your wooden decking needs you can rest assured that you will receive the best service possible. We take great pride in the standard of work we produce and we will stop at nothing to ensure that your wooden decking is as complete as possible.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

Advanced Coast Construction LLC is very aware of how important our clients’ customer satisfaction is. That is why we work hard each day to ensure that this aspect of our service is as thorough as the deck construction itself. A soundly-constructed and well-maintained wooden deck can last anywhere from 25-30 years, so that is why it is crucial that you do not cut any corners when choosing a team to construct your decking. A cheaper but less reliable carpentry firm may seem like a good idea now but, take it from us, the costs associated with having to repair or even re-do an entire wood decking are vast and will cause repeated heartache and stress—not to mention the impact they will have on your wallet. That’s why you should never settle for second best when it comes to carpentry. Instead, choose the team you can trust.

Detailed Eye for Deck Design Accessories

There is no doubt about it, having a new deck in your backyard is great but what really adds the wow factor are the character pieces and accents that you choose to make your decking your own. At Advanced Coast Construction LLC we offer a wide range of additional accessories that will improve the esthetic features of your decking while also enhancing its usefulness. Some of the most popular accents and details we offer include customized pergolas, privacy screens, shading options and individual custom-made wooden or metal artwork. All of these features go a long way to making your deck feel like the backyard retreat that you always dreamed of.